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Sealing concrete, flagstone, pavers and masonry is important.

Why seal it with Zelok concrete and masonry sealer?

Zelok ZLi77 Concrete Sealer

Our environmentally safe concrete sealer is clear, water-based, solvent-free, odorless and VOC compliant. As a salt barrier and dust proofer ZLi77 seals, hardens and densifies concrete and masonry.

Sealing your concrete and masonry with Zelok:

  • Prevents surface deterioration from starting or getting worse due to freeze/thaw cycles, salt, and other deicing chemicals
  • Tightened surface pores mean snow and ice cannot attach, so removal is easier
  • Significantly increases structural and compressive strength, reducing the likelihood of future cracking
  • Provides easier cleanup of spills and fluid leaks from vehicles

These problems look familiar? Finally, something that really works! Planet-safe, green products by Zelok.

six examples of damaged concrete

Protect Your Investment

Properly maintaining exterior concrete significantly improves its looks, thereby enhancing the value and appearance of any property. To the left, we show old, unsealed concrete. On the right, we show the results on concrete after it has been sealed with Zelok ZLi77 Concrete Sealer.

Zelok sealed concrete before and after