Why Use a Zelok Wood Sealer?

Because It Seals and Protects Wood Incredibly Well

Zelok Zx55 Wood Protector

Our water repelling wood sealer is scientifically engineered, inorganic and solvent free, providing superior water resistance to wood thus giving it dimensional stability and protection against decay. Sealing your exterior wood surfaces with Zelok wood sealers:

  • Provides unmatched protection without covering up the natural beauty of wood
  • Outlasts and outperforms leading water sealers sold in Big Box Stores
  • Harmless to plants, animals, and the environment

Why is it important to seal exterior wood with Zelok Wood sealers?

Zelok sealed wood before and after
Zelok sealed deck before and after

Simply put, wood is organic and organic materials naturally deteriorate! Decomposition of organic material is inevitable. Exterior wood, when left unprotected, is severely affected by the harsh elements of nature!

However, if wood surfaces are properly sealed to keep water out, they will not rot and will be functionally and structurally sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing, for decades. Zelok products provide the protection you need!

factors that contribute to wood deterioration