What Makes Zelok Ecofriendly Products Superior?

Our range of industry-leading, “green” wood and concrete coatings are water based, high-tech and more importantly, planet-safe. The underlying technology for our core sealers is radically different from that for most wood and concrete sealers offered in the USA. Our advanced crystalline water sealing formulas offer protection, durability and peace of mind.

We manufacture our cleaning, sealing and maintenance products to our exacting standards and distribute Zelok products exclusively to Zelok Licensed Dealers.

Our one-of-a-kind protective water sealers are a result of years of research based upon advanced technology and have been applied to thousands of decks and concrete surfaces over 15 years. Our origins go back to the late 1980’s, when a deck and concrete restoration expert grew concerned about the products they were applying and the health damage done to themselves, their clients and the environment. After years of product development, we were able to manufacture and distribute a range of high-tech, environmentally safe products that use water-based, advanced crystalline water sealing technology. They are in a class by themselves, and they work.

Formulated to deeply penetrate and chemically react within the treated material on a molecular level, they form a hard, tight, insoluble, microscopic crystalline structure creating a virtually impermeable water barrier. Once the protective water sealer is fully dried the effect is basically irreversible and the water resistance of the treated material is virtually permanent. Even more important, the crystalline structure, while blocking water from the top, does allow water vapor to escape. This breathability is important to not trap water below the surface, which can cause decay.