Ice-melting salt, mag-chloride and freeze/thaw cycles can damage exterior concrete & masonry surfaces. Your vehicles bring ice-melting residue home from roads that causes scaling and spalling. Zelok ZLi77 Concrete Sealer hardener and salt barrier helps prevent this damage, along with the damage caused by water penetration leading to freezing and expanding.

Using their expertise, our trained, professional independent Zelok Licensed Dealers can restore concrete and masonry surfaces, and seal them against damaging conditions.

The four step Zelok Concrete Process

Concrete / Masonry Services

Driveways, Sidewalks & Patios

Flagstone & Pavers

Stamped Concrete

Brick & Stucco

Garage Floors

Basement Walls & Floors

Zelok Licensed Dealers Use Zelok Sealers to Professionally Clean, Seal and Protect